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Friendbase on the project for the future of pediatric home healthcare

Today, Monday, May 6, 2024, Karolinska University Hospital invites innovative companies to a dialogue on advanced pediatric care, and one of the companies invited is Friendbase.

The Karolinska University Hospital invites you to a Solution Enabler Program on the theme "What dare we dream of...?". The focus of this first pilot phase is on children with medical complexity and the future of hospital-connected advanced pediatric care at home (SABH). The program is conducted within the framework of a market dialogue and follows the principles of public procurement. Through an innovative Solution Enabler Program for dialogue, Karolinska University Hospital explores during the spring how SABH can be developed and what the business sector has to offer in support.

Why the Solution Enabler Program at Karolinska?

The need for highly specialized care is increasing faster than the current capacity and economic resources allow. Patient-centered care, new team-based approaches, and digital transformation are seen as important enablers to address this situation. As part of addressing this societal challenge, Karolinska University Hospital initiated a multi-year effort around home healthcare in 2023. Some patients who would typically be treated in the hospital will instead receive care in their own homes. This not only involves the patient more in their own care but also frees up hospital beds, thus providing care for more patients.

The Solution Enabler Program is an open innovation process, a market dialogue, focusing on healthcare in 3-5 years that fully follows the basic principles of public procurement. The program aims to directly or indirectly create conditions for future development, procurement, implementation, and scaling of solutions for future healthcare.

Friendbase and Patient Pals

Among the invited parties, we find Friendbase, an innovative gaming company looking forward to contributing to the project with their groundbreaking idea, known under the temporary working name "Patient Pals." For Friendbase, this represents a unique opportunity to prove the effectiveness of their concept, which focuses on creating enclosed and targeted parts of the virtual world to support chronically ill children.

CEO and founder of Friendbase, Deborah Lygonis, comments on the commitment:

"We're looking forward to this! This is an opportunity to prove our thesis with our enclosed and targeted parts of our virtual world."

The project "What dare we dream of" represents a groundbreaking effort to redefine pediatric home healthcare and offer a better quality of life for chronically ill children and their families. With support from leading healthcare providers and innovative companies like Friendbase, hopes are high for creating real and meaningful changes in this area.

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