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Accelerating Sustainability: Einride's Webinar Unveils the Power of Battery Electric Freight

In a bid to revolutionize the landscape of sustainable road freight, Einride is set to host a groundbreaking webinar featuring esteemed speakers from the University of Cambridge and Einride. This event, scheduled for February 21 at 16:00 CET / 10 AM EST, will delve into the critical aspects of freight, emphasizing its pivotal role in achieving CO2e-reduction targets. The webinar aims to shed light on why now is the opportune moment to make the switch to battery electric technology and why it stands out as the winning solution against alternatives such as HVO biofuel and hydrogen-powered fuel cells.

Speakers & Moderators

The webinar boasts an impressive lineup of speakers, including University of Cambridge professor David Cebon, Einride solution architect Isabelle J., and moderator Isabelle Källenius. Their collective expertise promises a comprehensive exploration of the challenges and opportunities surrounding sustainable road freight.

Key Topics

1. The Significance of Freight in Sustainability:
  • Sustainability managers play a crucial role in steering businesses toward achieving their CO2e-reduction targets. The webinar will delve into why freight matters for these managers, outlining its essential role as a lever for sustainable practices.
2. Battery Electric vs. Alternatives:
  • The webinar will tackle the question of why battery electric technology is the most effective choice for cost-efficient, decarbonized transportation. A comparative analysis against alternatives like HVO biofuel and hydrogen-powered fuel cells will highlight the advantages that battery electric brings to the table.

3. Timing the Transition:
  • One of the central themes will be an exploration of why now is the optimal time for businesses to embrace electric freight. The speakers will discuss market trends, technological advancements, and policy changes that make this moment ripe for transitioning to sustainable transportation

4. Digitalization for CO2e Savings:

  • As digitalization continues to transform industries, the webinar will explore how it can be leveraged to maximize CO2e savings in freight operations. Insightful discussions will cover the integration of smart technologies and data-driven solutions in the logistics sector.

5. Getting Started with the Electric Transition:

  • A practical aspect of the webinar will focus on providing businesses with actionable steps to initiate their electric transition. Speakers will share insights on the implementation of battery electric technology and offer guidance on overcoming potential challenges.

Einride's upcoming webinar promises to be an enlightening session for sustainability and procurement managers, providing them with valuable insights into the world of sustainable road freight. As businesses increasingly recognize the importance of aligning their practices with environmental goals, this webinar serves as a timely and essential resource for those seeking to make informed decisions in the transition towards a greener future.




Source: Einride LinkedIn