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Einrides första Smartcharger Station!

Today marks a momentous occasion as Einride inaugurates its first Smartcharger Station in Rosersberg, a crucial industrial district just north of Stockholm. This is an exciting milestone for the company and a significant stride towards enabling a sustainable and electrified future for long-haul truck transportation.

Einride is renowned for its commitment to revolutionizing the transportation industry by providing smart and electric solutions. With the opening of the Smartcharger Station in Rosersberg, Einride can now offer its customers a fast, straightforward, and cost-effective transition to digital, electric long-haul trucking. This marks a crucial step in their transformation program and serves as clear evidence of their dedication to creating sustainable and efficient solutions for future transportation.

By partnering with Polar Structure AB, a reliable charging infrastructure partner, Einride ensures that their fleets and the public have access to a robust and dependable charging infrastructure. This is essential to ensure that the electrification of heavy vehicles can occur on a large scale and make a real difference for the environment.

Einride's CEO and founder, Robert Falck, takes pride in this investment and is confident that the Smartcharger Station will play a crucial role in promoting the transition to electric long-haul trucking. The new charging infrastructure will not only benefit Einride's own fleets but will also be available to the public, enabling more people to choose electric vehicles and contribute to a more sustainable future.

"The opening of the Smartcharger Station is a crucial part of the transformation program we offer our customers to enable a fast, straightforward, and cost-effective transition to digital, electric long-haul trucking. We take pride in making this investment alongside Polar Structure to ensure a robust charging infrastructure is in place for our fleets and the public," says Robert Falck, CEO and founder of Einride.

By providing a reliable charging infrastructure in Rosersberg, Einride demonstrates its vision and ambition to create a more sustainable and efficient transportation sector. In doing so, the tech company facilitates the electrification of heavy vehicles on a large scale, paving the way for a future where sustainable transport solutions become the norm rather than the exception. Einride and Polar Structure AB are industry pioneers, and their collaboration will have a significant impact on how we transport goods and people in the future.

Source: Einride