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COMIS shines in the beauty tech world

It can now be revealed that COMIS has carried out a new share issue and raised nearly 16 million SEK in investments. According to documents from BreakIt and the Swedish Companies Registration Office (Bolagsverket), COMIS initially raised 14.7 million SEK and then topped up with an additional 1 million SEK. This brings the company's total investments to 20 million SEK and values COMIS at 56 million SEK, according to the ownership database Eivora.

Founder Filip Tysander is a significant shareholder in COMIS with 47 percent of the shares. Among other owners are names like Ann-Louise Blank, heir to the Jula Group, Oscar Hållén, CEO of impact company Cemvision, and Henrik Ekelund, founder of the education company BTS Group.

The BreakIt article highlights Kapita Investment Group as a crucial supporter of COMIS, alongside other notable names from the ownership roster. Kapita plays a pivotal role in COMIS's trajectory, actively bolstering the company's growth. Our dedication underscores Kapita's keen involvement in fostering innovative startups and tech enterprises in Sweden. Through our partnership with COMIS, Kapita not only fuels the tech company's success but also offers invaluable guidance and resources, paving the way for sustainable growth and development.

COMIS, founded by Tysander along with his former colleagues Dennis Ericsson and David Lauwiner, focuses on offering innovative products in the beauty industry. Their flagship product is a nano mist device that gradually gives the user a tan by spraying liquid over the face. Despite a relatively modest turnover of 38,000 SEK during its first operational year in 2022, COMIS has gained attention from prestigious media outlets like Elle and British Vogue. The product has also been successfully distributed to stores like Selfridges in London and Printemps in Paris, as well as retailers like NK, Lyko, and Åhléns in Sweden.

COMIS's rapid expansion and success in the international market indicate a promising future for the company. With support from investors like Kapita and a strong ownership group, COMIS continues to drive innovation in the beauty tech industry and improve the user experience for customers worldwide. We at Kapita are proud to be part of COMIS's journey and look forward to continuing to support their growth and development.

Source: BreakIt